Common Electrical Faults Around the Home

In this day and age electricity is increasingly important for everyday life. But with the increase in wires, switches and devices, there are inevitably times when electrical faults happen. More often than not, this means that you will need to call a qualified electrician.

As a trusted Electrician in Lymington and The New Forest we have worked with many homeowners to improve their electrics. From a house rewire to installing a socket, our professional team have often installed it, tested it and fixed it. As a result, we have identified some of the most common faults, which you need an electrician for. Leave your home safe and problem free.

Contact Punton Electrics if you have any of these electrical faults in your home or business.

exposed wiring electrical faults

Exposed Wiring

This will need attention immediately. Wires that are visible when they should not be, can be a fire hazard. As well as presenting a danger to children around the home.

Large Electricity Bills

A good electrician will be able to advise you on how you can save money and reduce your monthly or quarterly bill. This could be upgrading certain devices or advice on how to efficiently use what you currently have.

Loose Plug Socket

This could lead to you plugs dropping out of your sockets and worse still cause a fire. A plug socket is designed to grip the plug solidly so if that is not the case, seek help.

loose plug socket electrical faults

Lights that Flicker

If you have lights that flicker it could be a simple bulb change. If this continues once a new one has been inserted you may have a fixture problem or faulty wiring. Do not attempt to repair this yourself.

Electrical Condition Testing

Punton Electrics can carry out a full electrical condition test on your property. This will highlight any electrical problem areas and faults, helping you to make an informed decision to hire an electrician. Want to find out more on electrical condition reports? Here’s our earlier blog post.

Electrical Testing Domestic Electrician

Electrical Faults

Punton Electrics are here to help you with any of the above faults. If you are experiencing any electrical problems at home or in the workplace, feel free to call us for some expert and friendly advice on 01590 679081 or use our contact us form online to request a call back.